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Publications and Work in progress

Nimeh, Z., Bauchmüller, R. (2014). School Enrolment and Child Labour. In Sarojini Hart, C., Biggeri, M., Babic, B. (Eds.), Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth – International Applications of the Capability Approach in Schools and Beyond. Bloomsbury Academic: London, UK. [An earlier version was published under the title Out of School: A look at deprived children in Jordan, as conference paper at the PEGNet Conference 2009, 3-4 September: Policies for Reducing Inequality in the Developing World, The Hague.]

Bauchmüller, R., Gørtz, M., Würtz Rasmussen, A. (2014). Long-Run Benefits from Universal High-Quality Pre-Schooling. Early Childhood Research Quarterly (forthcoming). [earlier versions published as AKF Working paper, 2011(2), and CSER Working Paper, 2011(8)]

Bauchmüller, R. (2013). Investing in Early Childhood Care and Education: The Impact of Quality on Inequality. MGSoG Dissertation Series nr. 33.

Mrak, M., Bauchmüller, R., McClure, P. (Eds.) (2013). Fiscal Impact Assessment of Structural Reforms: Case Studies on South East Europe. [texts by Blerta, Z., et al.]. Center of Excellence in Finance: Ljubljana.

Bauchmüller, R.  (2012). Gains from child-centred Early Childhood Education: Evidence from a Dutch pilot programme. UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2012(16).

Hercog, M., Bauchmüller, R. (2010). 1.) Determinants of migration decision: The Case-Study of India; 2.) What’s the best place for me? Migration Location-choice for S&E Students in India. Maastricht University, Graduate School of Governance, work in progress.

Bauchmüller, R. (2010a). Effects of Early Childhood Care in The Netherlands: Controlling for Non-Linearity and Parental Selection. Maastricht University, Graduate School of Governance, work in progress.

Bauchmüller, R. (2009). Sorge um die Kleinsten ist Vorsorge für die Grossen: Wie stärkt man die Chancen der Schwachen? (transl.: Care for the youngest is care for the older: How to improve the chances of the disadvantaged?). In Kehrli, C. (Ed.), Sozialalmanach 2010. Luzern: Caritas Schweiz.

Jungbluth, P., Bauchmüller, R. (2009). Stadsrapport Maastricht - Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie 2008/2009. (transl.: City report on Early childhood and Pre-school Education in Maastricht), Sjoans Research Centre on Opportunities in Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

Jungbluth, P., Rodigas, E., Bauchmüller, R. (2009). Moelejaan Baseline Inventory of Early Childhood and Elementary Education in South Limburg (data collection). Sjoans Research Centre on Opportunities in Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

Bauchmüller, R. (2009). Notitie: Extra toeslag voor gewichtenleerlingen op basisscholen in de impulsgebieden van Zuid Limburg (maatregel Dijksma) (transl.: Additional subsidy for disadvantaged children targeted at elementary schools in ‘impulse’ regions of South Limburg). Maastricht University, Graduate School of Governance, and Sjoans Research Centre on Opportunities in Education (Updated 24th February 2009).

Bauchmüller, R., Jungbluth, P. (2008). Technical Report of data collection for evaluation of ECE programmeSpeelplezier’ in Maastricht. Maastricht: Maastricht University, Sjoans Research Centre on Opportunities in Education.

Bauchmüller, R. (2008). Evaluating causal effects of Early Childhood Care and Education Investments: A discussion of the researcher’s toolkit, MGSoG/2008/WP006.

Bauchmüller, R., Tumwesigye, D. L. (2008). Report on Pilot project Design: GST funded Conditional Cash Transfer programme in Dangme West District, Ghana. Geneva: Global Social Trust – A project of international solidarity between Luxembourg and Ghana: project RAF/0/56/SID.

Bauchmüller, R. (2005). Eradicating poverty in India with the Millennium Development Goals – Primary education for all or only for some Gujaratis? (Master thesis / unpublished paper), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Bauchmüller, R. (2004). Not knowing the needs of the young is an injustice: Report on the results of the field survey on educational needs in Ahmedabad. India: Sneh Prayas.